Welcome to Road Freight

As one of the leading road freight transport companies, Global Corporate Logistics is dedicated to providing exceptional courier services, that prioritize customer satisfaction and exceed expectations. By collaborating with trusted partners who share our values and principles, we deliver unrivaled end-to-end solutions that are guaranteed and reliable.
With our unwavering commitment to excellence, we offer a comprehensive range of options for transporting goods within the UK and facilitating seamless logistics for imports from the EU to the UK. Our extensive road freight network ensures optimized business operations and streamlined supply chains.
Behind the scenes, our dedicated team tirelessly renegotiates options, ensuring swift adaptation to your evolving needs without compromising service quality.
Choosing GCL unlocks access to reliable and timely regular freight schedules to airports worldwide. Our commitment extends further with a weekly scheduled consoles service to selected countries, guaranteeing consistent and efficient transportation for your cargo.
We take pride in providing a diverse range of delivery options, including special rates for heavyweight shipments, ensuring your cargo reaches its destination seamlessly. As your trusted freight forwarder in Manchester, we operate regular air cargo console services to the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Nigeria, Netherlands, and more, directly from our state-of-the-art Manchester warehouse.

    Discover the Advantages of Our Road Freight Services:

    Import to EU from UK

    Seamlessly navigate the complexities of international trade with our expertise in import services. We facilitate efficient and compliant transport solutions, ensuring your goods reach their European destinations safely and on time.

    Pallet Delivery

    Benefit from our premium pallet delivery services, designed to cater to your specific requirements. Whether you need same-day pallet collection or international pallet delivery, our reliable network ensures your goods are handled with care and delivered punctually.

    Track and Trace

    Enjoy peace of mind with our advanced tracking system, enabling you to monitor the progress of your shipments in real-time. From documents to clothing, toys, and electronics, we handle a wide range of goods while prioritizing their security and efficient delivery.

    Compliance and Safety

    We prioritize the safety of both our clients and our courier partners. To ensure secure transportation, we maintain strict compliance measures and enforce guidelines regarding weight limitations.

    Same Day & Next Day Pallet Delivery

    When it comes to reliable and efficient palletized shipping, GCL Parcel is your trusted partner. Through our esteemed partners, Palletways and Pace Logistics, we offer exceptional palletized solutions for both domestic and international shipments within the UK and Europe.
    Our palletized service is the ideal choice for transporting shipments that exceed 50KG in weight or have oversized dimensions, with a length exceeding 120cm. Whether you’re reselling goods or managing heavy items, our palletized service ensures secure and efficient transportation.
    To ensure a smooth process, we recommend that clients properly strap their consignment onto the pallet and securely fasten it for transportation. Rest assured, our collection and delivery services are available for both business and residential addresses.

    A Parcel Delivery Service

    This service can be used to transport goods weighing less than 50 kg; It safe to keep the max weight as 45 KG to avoid weight declaration errors penalty and oversize shipment surcharge.
    The consignor (sender/shipper) is required to ensure that the goods are properly sealed and correctly packaged.
    This service can be used to transport parcel(s) in the UK and to/from Europe to the UK – This service is power by DHL Express & DHL economy. Prohibited items are not allowed