Welcome to Air Freight

When it comes to international logistics, air freight plays a pivotal role. It offers unmatched speed, reliability, security, and efficiency, providing customers with delivery choices and unparalleled flexibility.
At Global Corporate Logistics we understand the critical importance of continuous improvement, consistently refining our delivery options, pricing structures, and overall value to optimize your investment. Our unwavering commitment to excellence is evident through exclusive collaborations with renowned global airlines that share our dedication to unparalleled service.
Behind the scenes, our dedicated team tirelessly renegotiates options, ensuring swift adaptation to your evolving needs without compromising service quality.
Behind the scenes, our dedicated team tirelessly renegotiates options, ensuring swift adaptation to your evolving needs without compromising service quality.
Choosing GCL unlocks access to reliable and timely regular freight schedules to airports worldwide. Our commitment extends further with a weekly scheduled consoles service to selected countries, guaranteeing consistent and efficient transportation for your cargo.
We take pride in providing a diverse range of delivery options, including special rates for heavyweight shipments, ensuring your cargo reaches its destination seamlessly. As your trusted freight forwarder in Manchester, we operate regular air cargo console services to the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Nigeria, Netherlands, and more, directly from our state-of-the-art Manchester warehouse.

    Our Comprehensive Air Freight Service encompass the following:

    Competitive Rates

    We provide air freight services to all airports worldwide at highly competitive rates. Our direct access to airlines with discounted rates allows us to offer cost-effective solutions.

    Local Charges Included

    To simplify the shipping process, all origin local charges are included in our services. This ensures transparency and avoids any unexpected costs along the way.

    Freight Inclusive

    With GCL, you can enjoy the convenience of freight-inclusive services. We handle all aspects of your shipment, from origin to destination, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

    Console Door Delivery

    In addition to airport-to-airport services, we also offer console door delivery to selected destinations. Please consult with our customer service to check availability for your specific requirements.

    Door to Door:

    Global Corporate Logistics offers this service from the UK to Nigeria and from Nigeria to the UK, USA, Canada, and to a range of EU countries.
    We arrange for inland collections on your behalf. The size and nature of the goods being transported will determine charges and which hauler/courier to use for collection and delivery to our warehouse or deliver directly to the airline’s own dedicated warehouse. This will be based on what option best suits your needs.
    Our reputable and trusted air freight partners will ensure delivery to the destination country and arrange for transportation to the final destination in countries where door delivery option is available.

    Airport to Airport:

    The sender (the shipper) will deliver the goods to the GCL warehouse or the warehouse of our nominated agent.
    GCL will book a freight space for your shipment base on space availability from our trusted airline partners, based on your unique requirements and provide you, the sender, with the required documentation. e.g. air waybill in order for the consignee to arrange customs clearance once the shipment arrives in the destination country.
    UK customs declaration, NES documentation and other relevant documentation will be performed by GCL (optional) for goods exported for the UK.